Now is the time in Functional Medicine for people who are looking for optimal health.  For ways to get their health and immune system as strong as possible - in order to have their own bodies be in the best shape to fight off viruses and illnesses.

Illness Prevention and Health Wellness:

*** Get 8 hours of sleep.

*** Turn off all devices, TV, Computers etc.. at 8 pm.  Decreasing Stress is paramount.  

*** Hydrate - 64 oz of clean water (not from plastic bottles) a day

*** Eat whole organic foods - made from scratch at your house!  


*** If you ride BART or MUNI - best to wear a mask and latex gloves

***. Elbow greet people for now.  I know it may seem ridiculous but it is a good idea until we have a better handle on the spread of the virus.

*** The elderly (>65 y/o), the young (<2 y/o), and immunocompromised people should avoid public gatherings. 

*** No elective surgeries.

*** Stay out of hospitals.

*** If sick call your doctor's office for advice.  Do not go to the office as you can infect other people.  As soon as San Francisco gets public access to testing kits we will let people know and where to get them. It could be up to a week from now before we see this come to a reality - according to Fauci.

***. Clearly -  If you are feeling tired, beginnings of possible illness?  STAY HOME!  Even if you end up not being sick, staying home for a day or two can help increase your immune defenses so that you don't get sick.  And keep you from spreading whatever you may be harboring.  

**** If you are coughing at all please cough into kleenex or your elbows.  NOT your hands - as this is a really good way to spread the virus.

**** Stay active - walks, hikes and jogging/running all stimulate the lymph system - which is the Immune System highway



  • BONE BROTH - homemade is the best.

  • If this is completely beyond your ability - get organic broth.  made from free range animals (grass fed - free range chickens and clean ingredients - no sugar added etc). 

  • Mushroom soup - ideally homemade

  • Vitamin C - start w/2 grams a day and increase to 3 grams a day.  If you get loose bowel movements - back off to 2 grams a day.  

The following are "specialty supplements" which are more difficult to find in proper quality.

  • N-Acetylcystiene (NAC) - a precursor to glutathione - one of the most powerful antioxidants we have in our bodies.

  • Magnesium -  another essential element - of which many of us are depleted.  NAC and Magnesium work in synergy with each other to help boost energy and the get the immune system to thrive.

  • Phytoganix - a phytonutrient mix of vegetables and herbs that help support intestinal health and boost the immune system.


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