We live in a world which has become a toxic soup. The air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat has become polluted. Since the Industrial Revolution, we as a world wide civilization have managed to pump more chemical toxins into the atmosphere, and earth with chemical pesticides, and air­borne pollutants than we have ever experienced. As a consequence we are experiencing chronic illness and disease states which are becoming epidemic around the world.

The body becomes overwhelmed when trying to deal with:

● “Natural” Endotoxins, ­ which are toxins created by the body, such as what occurs with an imbalance of the microbiome, or excess estrogen production and inability to excrete it and excessive free radicals produced by strenuous exercise, over eating, or eating the wrong foods.

● And the Exotoxins ­ such as pollutants from air, water and food.

● And the Autogenous toxins ­ which are toxins we are born with which has been passed through the umbilical cord.

While many people realize that “Detoxing” is a good idea once you have become sick, most people don’t realize that to stay healthy in today’s world, you need to be “detoxing” daily or at least a few times a year. However detoxifying can prove to be harmful if one tries to detox without preparing the body first. Many of us have such a toxic load, that we can endanger our health by releasing too many toxins from the tissues at once, overwhelming the liver causing a back up of toxins to flood into the brain, kidneys, and every other system in the body.

At Primary Functional Medicine we concentrate on identifying individual circumstances, by going back to the basics of a detailed patient history, identifying and discussing the information with each person. Assessing how ready, both emotionally and physically, people are in order to take on a successful detox program which will stay with each person as a lifelong behavioral change. It is also part of the protocol to get baseline labs ­ both conventional and specialty labs­ this aids us tremendously to choose the correct intervention in order to be most successful. It is also extremely helpful and strongly encouraged to repeat the labs after the program is finished in order to analyze and compare the body’s resiliency.

A healthy outside starts from the inside



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