The integrity of the GI tract is one of the most important functions we have for health and defense in the human body. 39 trillion bacterial cells live in our GI tract, approximately 3 lbs of bacteria. We live in symbiosis with our gut flora ­ if it is balanced and works in harmony, not only w/the other bacteria, but all the other cells and chemicals in our body. To run the body in harmony takes a full understanding of where the body is at in the given moment. This includes a full patient history, laboratory testing and dietary journals. The harmony of the body also relies on healthy sleep patterns, eating habits and food choices and stress relief activities.

The Functional Medicine Approach to G.I. health is:

● To obtain a continuum of health and wellness,

● To help create harmony and balance, by incorporating biochemical

individuality and a patient centered treatment.

The 5 R Approach 

The gastrointestinal system is an integral and central “node” of the complex web of functional medicine. Dysregulation of the G.I. system can have a profound impact on health. This includes:

● Digestion and absorption

● Intestinal permeability

● Gut microbiota (all types)

● Inflammation and immune regulation

● Nervous System ­ gut feelings or Enteric Nervous System.

Symptoms of GI dysbiosis (imbalance) can manifest in a multitude of presentations. The ones most people think about are, stomach pain, feelings of bloating and fullness after eating, constipation, diarrhea, and increased gas. However, we now know that an imbalance and inflamed GI tract can present in migraines, fatigue, depression, joint pain and hormonal imbalance and the list goes on. At Primary Functional Medicine we address these issues seriously with a full systems approach to healing. We will incorporate a host of resources to help people understand what is going on with them and guide them towards a healthy GI tract.

All healing starts in the gut


Timeline of Life events
Timeline of Life events

Leaky gut and food allergies
Leaky gut and food allergies

Leak Gut
Leak Gut

Timeline of Life events
Timeline of Life events

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