Hormonal Imbalance can happen throughout the life cycle. Symptoms range from irritability, loss of concentration, emotional ups and downs, hot flashes, irregular or painful menstrual cycles… the list can go on and on. These symptoms can be addressed by supplementing hormones, which can be helpful, but often it is not fixing the root cause of the imbalance. Everything in the body is interconnected. Increased stress levels, diet, sleep disturbances, sedentary lifestyle and weight gain can all affect the production, transport and detoxification of our hormones.


The balance and dance of proper communication and signaling between our cells and organs is critical for a state of wellbeing. Hormonal imbalance is often the downstream effect of other inflammatory or dis regulated systems within the body. Things such as insulin resistance, weight gain, adrenal and thyroid dysfunction can all affect estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels.

At Primary Functional Medicine our approach is to consider your goals as paramount, get a clear and concise history, a physical exam including a Body Index Analysis and obtain appropriate lab testing as needed.

We always consider the whole person and behavioral lifestyles as the basis of treatment. Supplementing with hormone replacement and/or nutritional supplements can be helpful for immediate symptom relief, however the life long lasting effects occur with behavioral changes. Please keep tuned into our events page to see when we are offering community classes for support in these issues.

Hormones can either make you feel like crap or like a rock star, ready to take on your mission. The key is getting your hormones working for you not against you.

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Female Hormone Imbalance