So, many of us think, I am healthy, no serious health problems, I work out, I make it through the day without too much trouble, sure I might be tired, more than I use to, but I am getting older.  Yes I have the extra 5-10 pounds that I can’t seem to lose, mostly from my stomach, but I am getting older….

Yes my sleep seems to be not as sound, but I can deal with it…My diet’s o.k.  I eat pretty good, but those beans give me a lot of gas… and the heartburn is only when I drink too much….

Over all I am O.K.


And there is a certain amount of truth to that,  most of us are “O.K.” But are we settling for less because, “We are getting older”.  What would it feel like to be Ridiculously-Healthy? Many of us have forgotten or never known what it is like to be Ridiculously-Healthy - for good reasons.  Our society - the insane pace of working 60 hour weeks, managing children whose schedule is almost busier than yours. The food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink is heavily contaminated w/industrial toxins.  So unless you live in a complete Hepa Filtered Air environment, have installed a reverse osmosis water filter for your kitchen and bathrooms, and eat 100% organic food and are dealing with your stress levels in a balanced and healthy manner, you are most likely harboring a substantial Toxic Body Burden - which seriously affects our health.  


So what can we do about it?  Well as always - lifestyle behavioral changes are always the cornerstone of stability with health and wellness.  However they are also the hardest to accomplish successfully - especially if you are trying to do this on your own. This is where Primary Functional Medicine can help.  


There is a tremendous amount of focused education which goes into unraveling this dilemma. Knowledge about what is going on “under the skin” so to speak. Cellular health - including Metabolic Function and dysfunction, Inflammatory markers, Genetic predispositions, hormonal balance, nutritional science and how these are all interconnected in a complex dance of harmony or disharmony.   


As always we start with a detailed history, a physical exam and a Body Index Analysis.  A noteworthy conversation discussing what your goals and concerns are and the best way to approach the path to health/wellness and a ridiculously-healthy life.  There are going to be labs which can help direct us with how and where we need to put our attention for healing, tweaking and becoming balanced.


Once goals have been met - for basically healthy people, it only takes 2 -3 months of visits.  Then you come back yearly for tune-ups.

If you are interested Primary Functional Medicine can help you on your path to Optimal Wellness.

Most people have no idea how good

their body is designed to feel.


Organic Foods Required Kalish
Organic Foods Required Kalish

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Organic Foods Required Kalish
Organic Foods Required Kalish

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