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I have a particular interest and passion in my quest to educate women and help them detoxify
prior to getting pregnant. (
Any detoxification program should never occur during pregnancy).
Recent studies are showing increases in autism and ADHD diagnoses world wide. In a recent
article published in JAMA ­
(Journal of American Medical Association).

Data collected from 2016, stating the statistics of ADHD in children are 1 in 10. Stated in the
article, “The estimated prevalence of diagnosed attention­ deficit/hyperactivity disorder in US
children and adolescents increased from 6.1% in 1997­-1998 to 10.2% in 2015 -­2016”.


While there have not been any double­ blinded randomized trials looking at the causes of this
phenomenon, we do know that we are living in a toxic world the likes of which we have never
seen before. We do know that toxins are harmful and detrimental to our overall health and that
infants and children are extremely susceptible to illness and disease processes from exposure
to harmful toxins. 


I encourage you to test your water to identify health risks. 

Studies as far back as 2004 ­ showing umbilical cord contamination with multiple toxins. Small study of 10 babies, however this was done 15 years ago and our total toxic load has increased
significantly since that time.

Our program starts with:
● Detailed history and an engaging conversation to help clarify goals and concerns.
● Assess emotional and physical readiness to eliminate and detox.
● A physical and nutritional exam.
● Appropriate lab testing.
● A detailed food diary. You will receive a customized food plan.
● The total Prenatal Detox Program is 6 ­ 9 months long depending each individual’s status.

To help women detoxify to protect the health of their children and future generations is
something I feel very strongly about and hope to start building

Most people have no idea

how good their body is designed to feel.


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preconception programs

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prenatal toxins

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preconception programs

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