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Please refer to documentation for information on the syntax of this file. 2. In the main data box, select Create a dataset from an.kfz file file that contains the data you want to use for machine learning. For more information, see Creating a Dataset. 3. In the main data box, select the check box next to the data type. 4. The file that contains the data should appear in the In field. If you select a file that is not available in your system, the progress indicator will show a red X. 6. In the Data box, select the amount of data to create. If you leave this field blank, then the default value of 200GB will be used. The size of your data set is divided into partitions. Each partition is stored on a different file system and is called a Mslice. For more information about Mslice sizes, see Configuring Mslice sizes. The size of each partition is dependent on the file system on which it is stored. By default, the size of each partition is 200GB. If you have a small amount of data, you may be able to create the data set more quickly using the File system Optimization button. For more information about optimizing file system sizes, see Configuring file system sizes. 5. In the Configure box, select Use defaults. The default behavior is to create the data set using the entire 200GB partition. Select Use quota only if you need to limit the amount of data that is created. 7. In the Data box, select the type of data to create. We provide four types of data: Text, numerical, categorical, and binary. Some datasets may not be available with the first three types. 6. In the Include box, select the data columns you want to include in your data set. 8. The progress indicator will show the progress of the creation process. You can stop the creation of the data set at any time by clicking the Stop button. When the data set has finished downloading, click the Download button. When your data set is downloaded, it will be available in your Data box. 9. You can use your data set in Kaggle Notebooks by creating a new Notebook. On the Home page, click the Notebook icon at the top left. Click the New Notebook button. In the New Notebook dialog box, type a name for your Notebook. The name of your Notebook is your user name in the Kaggle cloud




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