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When one of these issues strikes, rarely does it occur alone without its two accompanying cohorts. Experiencing one means that the others are right around the corner if you aren’t feeling all three at the same time.

The prevalence of feeling overwhelmed by ongoing stressful events is pervasive in our society.  Chronic stress and its long term effect on our bodies is deadly. Learning skills to help manage stress is essential for many of us trying to navigate our way through the turmoil of life.  These skills need to be taught and cultivated as long term behaviors in order to keep our body and mind healthy. See Headspace

Each person’s experience of stress/anxiety/insomnia is individual, as their life circumstances and situations are unique.  Thus trying to successfully treat these issues with generic medications and a “pill for an ill” treatment is an intervention doomed to fail.

To begin to treat these issues, the approach instituted from Functional Medicine begins with gathering a complete and detailed history which will illuminate individual findings that can begin to shed light on the cause of many underlying factors specific to each distinctive person. The second stage of understanding begins with a meaningful dialogue between an engaged clinician and an empowered patient.  Through this conversation, appreciation for the scope of the problem and how to go about solving it emerges.

Because anxiety often includes hormonal and neurotransmitter imbalances, testing (NOT guessing) is essential for proper and efficient treatment.

As always in Functional Medicine, diet and behavioral lifestyle changes are at the base of all treatments.


At Primary Functional Medicine we incorporate all of the above modalities.  We have different plans and options to help you through a tailored program that is right for you.  Please take the next step towards healing.

Meditation can support many areas of the body

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