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So you think you are interested in trying on the Functional Medicine approach to health care?! Then head over to my readiness assessment questionnaire. Then, let's schedule for a free 20 minute phone call to discuss your situation, click here to book.


During our conversation, we will decide whether we want to work together at Primary Functional Medicine.  If so, you will be asked to complete a detailed 3-part initial health assessment intake. The forms are comprehensive, but believe me, after 30 years of practicing medicine, the more information we get in the beginning, the better. The intake is designed to save you an immense amount of time in the diagnostic realm of the health care paradigm and save you money in the long run.  


The state-of-the-art Living Matrix Intake System will automatically fill in the Institute for Functional Medicine Timeline and Health Matrix using your submitted information. You and I will review this information in detail at our initial meeting and you will be astounded as you see the details of your life and health on the screen.   


This will be an entirely new experience of “going to the doctor”. You will come out of the meeting educated and empowered. This living matrix and timeline - continues to fill out as our journey towards your health continues.  It is not stagnant. I will monitor your progression throughout our time together.


"The definition of clinical success is an

engaged clinician and an empowered patient"

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